Oslo Transportworkers’ Union is a part of the Norwegian Transportworkers’ Union. We represent over 3700 members in the Oslo area.

We organize in warehouses, transport companies, renovation, taxi, newspapers, etc.
We assist members in all cases regarding their work. For example: dismissals, lack of salaries, contracts, work accidents and so on.

We also arrange free courses for members and assist local union representatives with negotiations.
The Union consists of 4 experienced union representatives and one office secretary, who all stand ready to help members and local union representatives.

The following insurances are included in the membership:
· Kollektiv hjemforsikring (collective home): Insurance for household contents and personal belongings.
· Grunnforsikring (basic life insurance): Immediate financial aid in the event of death.
· Fritidsulykkesforsikring (leisure accident insurance): Covers the death or long-term medical incapacity of a member as the result of an accident in leisure time
· HELP advokatforsikring (legal insurance providing your entire family with legal assistance in civil-law matters). Travel insurance (new in 2016).

Being a member of OTF guarantees you help with your work cases and you have the right to participate in our courses and also to declare your beliefs through the democracy in the union.
Get organized in OTF today! We support workers’ rights!
www.transportarbeider.no    and www.oslotransport.com 

Join the union and make sure you get just working conditions!

Contact Oslo Transportworkers’ Union, phone number: +47 48 21 22 22.

+ 47 482 12 222

Torggata 12,
0181 Oslo

Vi hjelper deg gjerne, send oss en epost i dag så blir du kontaktet fortløpende!